femmes fatales

2011; 10-channel video-installation, various sizes, various duration

heroes. female heroes. female heroes of female heroes.

work "femmes fatales" is a five-channel video-installation consisting of virtual interviews between me and five other women. each "video-interview" is projected into the corner of a different room so that i, with my face taken from profile, watch and talk to a face of a woman. i look in the mirror-on them- and they stare into nowhere/to the camera/at the missing/imaginary/dead being represented by an empty chair in the middle of the room. Women describe a particular female hero, who affected their life. these women were chosen by me partially for the same reason- in a certain moment they became "my heroes" and somehow influenced my perception of identity, subject, role and mainly "feminity"/feminism.
the disrupted dialogue is a power game- that of domination and freedom and a survey of cultural determination and degree of autonomy in the process of self-creation. interweaving fragments of monologues occuring from various rooms make up produce new narratives.

a triangle
a mirror
a tree /family/

installation view

installation view