2012; group performance (with andras csefalvay, mira gaberova, dorota kenderova, marcel malis, katarina poliacikova, boris sirka, ivan svoboda)

dear friends,
i would like to invite you to another part of the series of performances initiated by mirka gaberova,which is going to literally take place under my conduct.
the title is "un-ease" and it's based on a communication mode shift of the participants. instead of speaking, we would express ourselves in the form of singing during the whole evening. the best option would be, if we could operate with as plausible melodies as it gets; sometimes even with excerpts and puns from real songs.
complication of communication by this revealing means would throw some participants off their balance, entertain others and boost certain type of creativity. we would test limits to which we can draw near and to which extent we can uncover our in-/capabilities.
likewise, i would like to create some musical composition or group song. its final form would be a small surprise.

/unfortunately, this composition was not recorded and only stays in memories of participants/